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Awakening Course Testimonial (February – March 2020)


I have done many of Luciana's workshops and have found them all beneficial.  Most recently, I completed the Awakening course which took all the work I have done to a whole new level.  

I went into the course wanting a stronger voice, more creative energy, and more confidence embracing my inner goddess.  This course met all those objectives and I came out feeling stronger than ever before.  

There were two major benefits for me that I was not expecting to come out of the course.  The first was in the form of mental clarity.  Suddenly, I had solutions to a challenge I had been going through for two years just show up in my mind after class.  I now have options and feel powerful as a result.

The second was the realization that I was suffering some trauma from a previous relationship that I thought was over.  The healing I came away with was in the form of self-forgiveness.  This practice of forgiveness has provided so much inner peace and joy.

The best part of the class was coming away with the feeling of confidence and self-love.  Luciana also taught us how to remain balanced after the class was over.  We learned how to do this through morning routines and the health of our mind, body and spirit through knowledge of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda.  This class was 100% worth the time and I cannot put a value on the experience it provided.  I highly recommend it to all.  PS Newport Beach, CA

"When I first started taking Luciana’s classes at Equinox I was new to yoga- I didn’t know at that time what a strong practice and more importantly what the right teacher could me open to. Slowly I saw changes in my life- yes my practice became stronger but there was also a shift in my day to day being- I became more aware of the power of intention, dedication and trust. I was not looking for anything when I started her classes but have been blessed with so much since. Her presence is a gift that I hope more people can share in.“ DP Newport Beach, CA

“Luciana’s teaching is enlightening, transformational and spiritual.” Marissa

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