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"The time I spend with Luciana is a gift that I give to myself.  Her guidance of my journey through yoga, meditation, self-empowerment and femininity has benefitted the whole of my life: body, mind and spirt.  Luciana combines her natural gifts as a healer, teacher, coach and spiritual mentor to guide, with loving care, each of her students. All of her teaching and guidance is infused with her native Brazilian spirit and zest for love, life and harmony.  Anyone lucky enough to be in her presence is truly blessed."   KC Newport Beach, CA

"Luciana is not only an extraordinary person, she is one of the most gifted teachers and coaches I've ever met. Her classes are pure joy. Her insight is astounding. And her breadth of knowledge, whether it's a breakfast recipe for red quinoa with fruit and almond milk—or a deep dive into the power of the divine feminine—Luciana fuses the juiciest and most life-affirming aspects of Brazil, highly effective yogic principles and the latest mind/body science as she invites students to step into their healthiest and happiest lives!”  LP Santa Barbara, CA

"Letting go of fear and rigidity and yet simultaneously physically and emotional stretching to emote, express what your heart and soul was experiencing through movement, dance and sound was an enriching and awakening experience.”

JN Minneapolis, MN

"Luciana started as my Yoga teacher and then had to transition into my spiritual healer when I got diagnosed with Stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer.  She was by my side from the very beginning to my last day of CHEMOTHERAPY.  Every week she was able to shift my energy and body back to health with her advanced education in healing, meditation, and yoga.  I could can literally feel the energy shift and release out of my body. If you had to endure chemo you know what I am talking about.  If you are going thru Cancer treatment her healing services will do wonders for your mindy, body and spirit." Laurie Paolone, Newport Coast, CA

"Luciana is a truly gifted healer.  Get ready for your entire mind, body and spirit to align.  She gracefully brings your attention to your body and then combines a spiritual aspect that leaves you with a new awareness.  If you want to become "awakened" then take one of her classes.  I promise you will never be the same."  CC, Spiritual Healer Hamptons, NY

"Yoga was a heart and soul awakening experience. The instructor did an amazing job gently guiding/nudging all of the class members to let go of our pre-conceived notions and judgments, ease out of out mind/head and simply experience feeling and moving during this incredible session.” NV Newport Beach, CA

 "I’ve taken classes in several states and various countries and Luciana’s instruction is among the best I’ve experienced. Her guidance on the “why” of poses and certain position adjustment is really outstanding. She has a fantastic teaching style.”

GV Newport Beach, CA

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