Share the gift of health, happiness and healing with your friends and loved ones.

Give them a true treat to body, mind, heart and soul. 


This is a 75 minute session.


Check the options below and let's tailor the gift certificate to fit the needs of your friend or loved one.


1-Reset&Renew: improve sleep and reduce stress and anxiety with a custom yoga practice, guided meditation and aromatherapy.

2-Healing Traumairest (guided meditation) and aroma&light therapy.

3-Adios Monkey Mind: Asthanga yoga (vigorous yoga practice), meditation (mantras) and light therapy.

4-Spiritual Journey: ecstatic dance (free movement), breathwork and spiritual guided meditation.

5-Brazilian Bootie and Juicy hips: YogaSamba.

6-Access Bars Therapy: a hands on energy work that uses 32 points on the head to stimulate positive changes in the brain, release physical and mental block stored in the body, and help facilitate greater ease in all different areas of life.

7-Reiki: a Japanese energy healing technique that reduces pain, anxiety and fatigue, treats depression, boosts mood and promotes overall well being. 

8- Sculpting: athletic yoga with weight&band; aroma & light therapy.

9- Healing Injuries: somatic yoga therapy, aromatherapy and guided meditation.

10- Sound Healing: this magical class will take you to another level with its healing sounds, vibration and energy.

Gift Certificate


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