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Book Your Private Yoga Session With Luciana

Set in the privacy of your own home, or at the beach, one-on-one private yoga sessions are an excellent way to:

- Introduce yourself to the practice and philosophy of yoga.

- Develop/deepen your practice and understanding of yoga.

- Heal from an injury or overcome a health issue.

- Identify modifications of poses specific to your body's needs.

- Cope with stress, anxiety, depression and/or addiction.

- Develop tools to live life purposely and passionately.  

Luciana's Yoga Certifications: Somatic Yoga Therapy , Vinyasa Yoga, Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Tune Up, YogaTrance, Embodying the Flow by Shiva Rea, Mandala of Asanas By Shiva Rea, Yoga for Grief, Yoga for Trauma, Yoga for Anxiety & Stress, Chair yoga, Meditation, Pranayama (breathing techniques)