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With Certifications in all areas of Yoga and the Healing Arts Luciana will take care of all your SPIRITUAL needs.  Now available for Private Yoga Training, Healing Services and for your Private Events or Parties. 

     Health, Happiness &Healing                    Concierge Service

Look and feel like a Rock Star!

Health, Happines&Healing Concierge Service

I am rolling the red carpet for YOU!

Join me for my new, exclusive concierge service as I travel to your home for one of the most luxurious, blissful and indulgent experiences.
Covid-19 got you down? Get 
you mojo back and live your best life! Start NOW!
This unique powerful, yet pampering body, mind, spirit program will have you feeling a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Look strong and sexy, all while you experience deep peace, bliss 
and transformation.

How it works:
Looking and feeling good has never been so easy, nurturing 
and fun! Plus, its safe and
 all pandemic protocols are observed.    

  • One monthly charge, only $495!*

  • Three private sessions (75 minutes each) and one 30-minute coaching call or remote healing. 

  • For instance:

  • 1-Reset&Renew: improve sleep and reduce stress and anxiety with a custom yoga practice, guided meditation and aromatherapy.

    2-Healing Trauma: irest (guided meditation) and aroma&light therapy.

    3-Adios Monkey Mind: Asthanga yoga (vigorous yoga practice), meditation (mantras) and light therapy.

    4-Spiritual Journey: ecstatic dance (free movement), breathwork and spiritual guided meditation.

    5-Brazilian Bootie and Juicy hips:YogaSamba.

    6-Access Bars Therapy: a hands on energy work that uses 32 points on the head to stimulate positive changes in the brain, release physical and mental block stored in the body, and help facilitate greater ease in all different areas of life.

    7-Reiki: a Japanese energy healing technique that reduces pain, anxiety and fatigue, treats depression, boosts mood and promotes overall well being. 

    8- Sculpting: athletic yoga with weight&band; aroma & light therapy.

    9- Healing Injuries: somatic yoga therapy, aromatherapy and guided meditation.

    10- Sound Healing: this magical class will take you to another level with its healing sounds, vibration and energy.

    A true treat to body, mind, heart and soul. Make this month, this year and this entire lifetime your bet EVER. Live healthier, happier and
    more jaw-droppingly gorgeous than you have ever imagined. This is YOUR moment. Its time to give yourself a round of applauses, Rock Star!


Set in the privacy of your own home, or at the beach, one-to-one private yoga sessions are an excellent way to:

- Introduce yourself to the practice and philosophy of yoga.

- Develop/deepen your practice and understanding of yoga.

- Heal from an injury or overcome a health issue

- Identify modifications of poses specific to your bodies needs.

- Cope with stress, anxiety, depression and/or addiction.

- Develop tools to live life purposely and passionately.  

Yoga Certifications

• Somatic Yoga Therapy • Vinyasa Yoga• Hot Yoga • Yin Yoga • Restorative Yoga• Yoga Tune Up • YogaTrance • Embodying the Flow by Shiva Rea • Mandala of Asanas By Shiva Rea • Yoga for Grief • Yoga for Trauma • Yoga for Anxiety & Stress • Chair yoga • Meditation • Pranayama (breathing techniques)


Awaken The Greatness Within  

Benefits: promotes self awareness, spiritual awakening, assist in the body's natural healing processes, develop emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, induce deep relaxation, help to cope with difficulties and relieve emotional stress.

Healing Arts Certifications

• Ayurveda Practitioner in training • iRest (Integration Restoration) • Integration Therapist • HeartSight Level I,II and III • Reiki • Access Conscious Bars • Multidimensional Awareness & Healing • Sound Healing


Looking to add something fun to your next party or event... Luciana will make it magical.

- Host an At-Home Yoga Class

- Host A Blissful Magical Party Complete with Yoga

- Host A Women’s Circles

- Bridal Brunch and Yoga Session

- Yoga at your workplace, corporate retreat or conference

Want to learn more about private yoga packages or sign up?

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