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Who I am

I am Luciana Freire, a corporate wellbeing coach with extensive experience in holistic practices.


I am dedicated to fostering a culture where employees not only survive but thrive.


My mission is to bring joy and purpose into the corporate world by nurturing wellbeing in the workplace.

My intention

In today's fast-paced corporate environment, where long hours are the norm, prioritizing health and happiness is crucial. I specialize in integrating strategies that support mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing, aiming to create an environment where employees and the workplace prosper together.

Recognizing the heartbeat of corporate dynamics, I excel in crafting vibrant work environments centered on holistic approaches. Beyond coaching, I specialize in designing personalized workshops, classes, and activities that encourage learning and growth, fostering a positive work environment.

I'm eager about creating a thriving culture of wellbeing in your company, contributing to your team's success.


How I do my work

As a wellbeing coach, my approach revolves around understanding the unique needs and dynamics of your organization. Here's a proposed structure:


Understanding Your Needs

Initiate our journey with an in-depth meeting to understand your company's culture, challenges, and aspirations. Through open discussions and assessments, we'll identify key areas where a wellbeing initiative can create a positive impact.


Leadership Engagement

Wellbeing initiatives thrive with leadership support. My program includes targeted coaching and workshops for executives, empowering them to champion and embody a culture of wellbeing.


Tailored Wellbeing Strategy

Based on our discussions and evaluations, I design a personalized program aligned with your company's culture, values, and objectives. This includes a roadmap of initiatives nurturing physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing throughout the organization.


Holistic Employee Support

Initiatives directly benefit all employees, from stress management workshops to resilience-building activities. Create an inclusive environment prioritizing the wellbeing of every team member.


Measurable Outcomes and Support

Regular assessments and ongoing coaching ensure the program's success, adapting as needed to foster a resilient, engaged, and thriving workforce.

Wellbeing Solutions

Prioritizing wellbeing creates a resilient, engaged, and thriving workforce that positively impacts your company's bottom line. Partner with me to elevate the wellbeing and success of your team.

What do I offer

I provide coaching, guidance, support, and strategies for individuals or groups aiming to improve their overall well-being.


Wellbeing Plans

Addressing physical, mental, emotional, and social wellness collaboratively.

Goal Setting and Accountability

Assisting in setting realistic wellness goals with ongoing support.

Stress Management Techniques

Teaching effective stress reduction techniques.

Healthy Lifestyle Guidance

Offering advice on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle adjustments.

Mindset and Resilience Building

Coaching for a positive mindset and overcoming obstacles.

Emotional Wellness Support

Tools for improving emotional intelligence and fostering healthier relationships.

Work-Life Balance Strategies

Assisting in finding balance to reduce burnout.

Behavioral Change Techniques

Utilizing coaching methodologies for sustainable behavior changes.

Holistic Approach

Integrating various wellness modalities for a comprehensive approach.

Regular Check-ins and Support

Providing ongoing encouragement and check-ins for progress.


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Orange County, CA • USA

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